Pakal | Eduardo Urbano Merino


Pakal the Great, the Age of the maize man and our new reality with quantum physics.

Sculpture 80cm tall and 30x30cm base 


Pakal, Maize DNA, and quantum physics ... the man´s Age of maize ... On the front you will see the number 615 which is the number of enthronement of Pakal (bottom row has 3 lines that give 15, middle row totaling 2 lines give 10, but they are multiplied by 20 and give 200, row above a point that is 1 and multiplied by 400, so that is 400 +200 +15 = 615 ... is also surrounded by the form of the tomb where his remains were found, just above this number, there are the Mayan glyphs are translated as K'inich Janaab Pakal, down the field on the right side and the left side of his hands, there are two figures, that it is suspected are to calculate the golden sections of the whole architecture of Palenque, in the back of the scupture see an atom which is surrounded by the CERN particle accelerator, just above it ... the branches that start at the base, became as energy flames out of the collision of particles, which go to heaven and transform in my sheets features ... I modified almost completely his headdresses, because I thought that making exact replicas like those they sold outside of anthropology museum and send them thousands of years into the future (1) ... it is a waste of time and talent ... this is about bring the two worlds of us (Pakal and ours) in just one sculpture, after all we are in the same Age as the Maya (2), the age of man of maize, in his head, lines and dots resemble graphically the binary language of modern computers (according to me) and of course there are DNA that is transformed into maize and my usual plants. 

1 - A bronze may last thousands of years 

2 - The "Era of man made from maize" ended in 2012, but in reality is that we are just near that time, because there is no way to square our Gregorian calendar (or the old Juliano calendar etc..) with the Maya´s one, because our calendars have been modified several times, especially to the clergy taste, beginning with the days that tried hide all traces of "Pope Juana" erasing her days as Pope, or the error of several years in dating the birth of Jesus by the monk Dionysius "the Exiguus "... so more or less these days could be ending the "age of man made of maize", because in reality we are not in 2014. 

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