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The Justice

Bronze 2.06m - 6.75ft  280kg - 617.2 pounds  Original piece based on “Justice” with the artist style. 

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This is the article written by the renowned Professor Charalee Graydon which was published in the law schools at universities in Canada, USA and UK.

Eduardo Urbano Merino – Sculpture La Justica

A new icon for justice. Eduardo Urbano Merino’s sculpture, La Justicia is a strong and sensitive rendering of justice. The power of law takes a new form, one of strength, reality and warmth. This work invites us to return to the 19th century and Rodin´s ¨sculptures. Rodin’s works. The Age of Bronze, 1877 and his contemplative sculpture The Thinker, 1903, had moved away from the academic method in portraying the human body to adopt an approach that sought to reflect the wholeness of the subject. Eduardo adopts a similar style in his realistic and painterly approach to the rendering of form in La Justicia.

Despite its solid existence, the sculpture brings us a sense of reflection and reality. Like Rodin, Eduardo Urbano Merino, knows that sculpture is a medium by which the artist can provide a clear message to the people. In this 21st century of instantaneous and rapidly changing methods of communication, important messages require impact and longevity. World events show us the incertitude of justice and morality in many societies and the quest by people in those societies to reshape their justice system and to determine ¨what is the right thing to do¨ in shaping that system.  This is a good time for the creation of a new justice icon for the people; this is an icon that shows the importance of justice as well as the human face of justice. It is also important that the creation of justice be transparent. Eduardo´s videos exemplify this. He provides a video of the creation of La Justicia, a film showing hard work, humour and a sense of reality during the time that he and his colleagues created the sculpture. His work breaks barriers that we often associate with law and art. It opens doors not only to the process but to the promotion of art work. La Justicia was made by the people for the people. Societies that are now demanding transparency in the law and to be given a role in its creation and implementation have adopted similar approaches to open the doors to the legal process. Eduardo´s message is a message for the 21st century, as Rodin´s message of liberty and freedom of artistic expression was for the 19th century.

You are invited to look at the videos that the artist has used to share his art work with the global community. I provide two links to You Tube videos that he created.  This experience mirrors that of the 19th century and the rapport that was taking place at that time between photography and sculpture. Photographers such as Daguerre, William Henry Fox Talbot and Niepce found that statuettes in people´s homes provided ideal photographic subjects. Today, Eduardo Urbano Merino´s sculpture La Justicia can be shared with people throughout the world by Internet technology and modern photographic and film making techniques.

La Justicia exhibits the power of the law with her scales and sword but also shows us the human face of justice, something that can easily be forgotten in the philosophical and political discourse of defining justice. Like Rodin´s sculptures, Eduardo Urbano Merino´s lady of justice leaves us with a sense of the real, a result of his anatomical precision and his ability to capture the human spirit. The sculpted image recognises that justice relates to people and how they live. The image provides an aura of respect but is not static.  La Justicia looks forward. Her task remains the same in the 21st century as it was in past decades. She is seeking to achieve the proper balance of justice for society. She works in a modern context to provide responses to human activities that take place at specific times and in specific social, political and economic circumstances. Eduardo Urbano Merino presents La Justicia to you as an icon for the creation of a fair justice system for the 21st century.


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