The Era of Quantum Beauty | Eduardo Urbano Merino

The Era of Quantum Beauty

Oil / Canvas  3.93x3.28ft  1.00X1.20m

The red wooden box symbolizes everything that has been done by human hands. You will notice that the CERN logo appears as a symbol. Thanks to the research at CERN we will ¡at last! answer some of the fundamental questions of mankind and the universe:  ¿Where are we? ¿What is all this we call "reality"? etc...  In the other corner of the box you can see a type of fish which is really a golden compass, with which it is possible to measure the proportions of the universe. Inside that box are the most important secrets, that maybe we will soon discover thanks to the physics and mechanics of particles, and supersymmetric string theory. The background of the painting is a wild blue marble wall. Man has made so many works of art and buildings out of marble... but it could also be that the woman is within the tiniest structure of matter, where things are even smaller than the elementary particles, which, if anything, maybe you could see Higgs bosons (or at least feel their interaction) and where you only see superstrings... maybe that is what they look like.

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