"Epilepsy, leaving behind the nightmare" | Eduardo Urbano Merino

"Epilepsy, leaving behind the nightmare"  

Measurements: 39.3 X 47.2 inch  Technique: Oil / Canvas  

On permanent display at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon Canada.  On the left it's all bad, storm, disease, black neurons (sick) are trapped between two of the three crystals that float, that´s left side ... on the center, the patient is standing up, until it is incorporated at the time that doctors are healing, there's the "grid" or (mesh they use to put up in the operation of the brain, of course the original is a little smaller), which is surrounded by healthy neurons in white ... (I guess just neurologists will understand) ... that technological apparatus through the glass on the right side representing the screen also used to determine the numbers where they will use the "grid "... one of the doctors is touching the patient, the other is seeing an electroencephalogram ... the oldest Dr. represents a Latin people and also represent the experience and carries the red maple leaf as a union of Latin America with Canada, the other wears a badge with the flag of the Saskatoon province .... but to make it clearer ... and textual point .. THE POINT ... right in the golden point of the composition of the painting, i put the same flower used in that flag ... (golden point results from the division of the top of the painting across from 1.618 where the two lines intersect resulting ... right there is the flower) also point is used to calculate all the vertical lines of paint ... except for the patient standing that takes up the head the "grid" ... this "grid" comes from a characteristics plants in my work that represent health and life.    Models  Patient / Roman Nibeyro  Real doctors participated as models. Dr. José Alfredo Merino Rajme & Dr. Sergio Ayala.   Suffering from epilepsy is a nightmare, but with modern medical science, you can leave it behind…

The painting was published in several international journals and web sites, one of those magazines is one of the most prestigious in the field of epilepsy in the world “Epilepsy & Behavior” where the painting appeared in a special article and cover.

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