Multidimensional Mother Country 1.40x1.90m oil/canvas | Eduardo Urbano Merino

Multidimensional Mother Country 1.40x1.90m oil/canvas

The horizon line is in the resulting division of 140 between 1.618 on the vertical plane, the same line serves as the online registration of an electrocardiogram, which ends on the left side with the volcano Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl mountain (Which ones are located to a flank of Mexico City), the volcano and the mountain are reflected themselves on the water, giving the appearance of being the pulse of the nation in the electrocardiogram, also on the horizon is where the vanishing point of the composition is located, calculated as well with the number 1.618, and is from where all the painted lines in the lower part of the composition came, giving to the painting a balance inspired by "divine proportion", never know if the Eagle is on a lake, or a mirror, because water causes waves and the mirror is broken, and means at the end, just the reflection of ourselves as society in a world-wide level... below the water or the mirror (depends the point of view) it is possible to be seen a strong dream constructed of strong bricks perfectly formed, that can only be seen through the missing fragments, the paint can be rotated from various perspectives and give rise to various interpretations, one of them is produced when the two images of the Eagles are watched vertically giving like result that seems a moth butterfly with antennae and even eyes. 

The painting use the colors of the flag and the elements of the Coat of arms of Mexico as message of power and beauty, but is also an image to ponder while speaking of multiverses in which ones we are living possibly without realizing it.

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