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March 26 2014, during the presentation for the inauguration of the new telemetry bed and the permanent exhibition of the painting “Epilepsy, leaving behind the nightmare" at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon Canada 


For a year an effort was made to collect $100,000 dlls for buying a new telemetry bed, the painting was part of the campaign for this purpose, many people participated and managed to reach the goal, today's telemetry bed is a reality and is ready to diagnose patients with epilepsy to know if they may be candidates for the operation with the "grid", the original painting will be permanently exposed protected by grass in a special frame in the main lobby of the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon Canada, to side of it will have a commemorative plaque about the painting and the project.

"I thank Dr. Lizbeth Tellez and Dr. Jose F. Téllez Zenteno for inviting me to be part of this project and all the people in Canada who helped to make it a reality”

Eduardo Urbano Merino 

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