Eduardo Urbano Merino

Urbano studied at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City, where he was an outstanding student in human anatomy, composition and painting techniques, but most of his technique and knowledge was acquired from self-taught as a child, being Influenced by the study of classic artists such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Velazquez, Dali, among others. His work is figurative, sometimes hyperrealist. He is an expert on the human figure and perspective.

His works have been exhibited in several recognized artistic venues in Mexico, as well as in several international presentations in Europe and North America. In 2003, Rigoberta Menchu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, gave him “The peace medal in the arts” for his collaboration in noble causes. In 2010 Urbano was commissioned to paint one of the murals in celebration of the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence, creating a monumental work of 5×10 meter oil. He recently unveiled a sculpture for the Mexican College of Rheumatology Mexico’s Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, called “Hope and fulfillment”, and his painting about epilepsy is on permanent display at the main lobby of the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon Canada.


A Little Intro

He was born in Mexico City in October 1975. When he was a child, he showed talent in visual arts. He sold his first painting professionally at the age of 16.


Muralist, painter and sculptor, Eduardo Urbano Merino now has more than 40 exhibitions in Europe and America, and his work are in private and public collection of more than 16 countries.